Brig Muhammad Yousaf


Author of 2 books “Bear Trap+Silent Soldier]

[Role of America Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the Soviet’s defeat in Afghanistan

Exclusive prose with his unfolds personal experiences!!!

Brigadier Mohammad Yousaf was born in 1937 and took his commission as an infantry officer into the Frontier Defence Force Regiment of the Pakistan Army [FF6] in 1961. Afterward his career took him through the common series of command and staff appointments, with active service against India. He also joined the Command and Staff College at Quetta and the National Defence College at Rawalpindi.

While commanding an infantry brigade he was designated by the Director of the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) to head its Afghan Bureau, a post he held from 1983 to 1987, until he resigned as a matter of principle and left the Army. Throughout these four years he was in charge of training, and operational planning of the Mujahideen inside Afghanistan and later inside the Soviet Union.

After his retirement he has kept in close touch with actions of Mujahideen leaders in Afghanistan.brig-in-uniform

He has written a short book on General Akhtar, his superior at ISI, who was killed in an aircraft crash in 1988, along with President Zia.

The author, Brigadier Mohammad Yousaf, was head of the Afghan Bureau of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence and as such was commendably the Mujahideen’s commander-in-chief. He controlled the flow of thousands of tons of arms across Pakistan and into its occupied neighbor, arms that were acquired with CIA and Saudi Arabian funds from the USA. One of the Mujahideen’s close associates was none other than Osama Bin Laden. This compelling book was put together with great skill the by military historian, Mark Adkin in conjunction with Brigadier Mohammad Yousaf and is vital reading for anyone interested in the truth behind the Afghanistan War which led to the circumstances that exist there these days.